What is it that Fisherman, Farmers & Surfers know

that allows many of them to live a more peaceful life?


Learn this and more as part of SYMLIVIN. 

A place where you can be part of a collective mindset and approach to training your body, breath and mind to improve your surfing and find more contentment & excitement in the adventure of every day life.

The SYM Community is open for those participating in Intensive Training programms trough our SYM Studio, Landlocked workshops or those on Monthly Subscriptions.

It allows you access to Coach

Feedback via

participation such as access to the closed SYM LIVIN Instagram group. 

Depending on your membership package you can get direct weekly coach Feedback and Training Uploads, have your training breakdown via Whatsapp. 
and have priority spots on SYM STUDIO INTENSIVES, 



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